My First Skirt – How Skirt Sports Changed What I Wear When I Run

I first started running at the age of 35.


I ran my first marathon when I was 39. And just last week, at the age of 45, I ran yet another half. I can honestly tell you I’ve lost count of how many races I’ve run but I know it’s in the dozens.


Running Disney in a skirt is particularly fun . . .these guys really like it.

Running is, to me, about far more than just fitness. It keeps my mind and my soul in alignment with my body and enables me to bring my best self to my family, to my work, and to my community.

But I’m not exactly built like a runner. At 5’6″ and 150 pounds (sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more) I’m not someone you would see on the street and think “obviously, she’s a runner.”

I have a pouch around my middle that, without surgery, will always be there thanks to my fantastic children. Evidently when you give birth to an almost 9 pound son and then 3 years later give birth to twins that are both around 7 pounds (or, in the words of my OB, the biggest twins he’d ever seen), you get a souvenir. #totallyworthit


But because of all this, running gear was always a struggle.

Until I found my first running skirt.

Because it was pre-instagram days (or if it was around I didn’t know about it) I can’t find a picture of that exact skirt, although I still own it. A black Gym Girl Ultra.


Me and my Skirt Sport Ambassador sisters. Love these girls!

The first time I wore it I knew I had found my running uniform. I didn’t have to tug and pull at it, it didn’t ride up, and magically I also felt . . . pretty. I could get through an entire run without actually thinking about the clothes I was wearing. Oh, and bonus! It had storage! A place for me to put my tampon, my kleenex, and my phone! That was something I’d never found in another pice of running gear.

And when I dug a little deeper and looked into Nicole DeBoom and her vision for starting the company in the first place, I was in, hook, line and sinker.

Years later when the opportunity came up to be an ambassador, I knew there was no question – I mean, I already was one! Because I truly believe that a runner who doesn’t have to tug at her stuff and knows where her phone is and looks good doing it is  a BETTER runner, inside and out.

I will always be grateful for my first skirt and for the community of women it introduced me to. Because although I could truly run in anything, running in something that makes me feel pretty, powerful and comfortable helps. And knowing that there are women, just like me, all over the world running, and getting stronger, and feeling amazing  and overcoming their fears gives me strength and encouragement.

So maybe, it’s not JUST about the skirt.

Run Disney Star Wars The Dark Side Half Marathon Trip Report – part 3 Recovering at Epcot

When we left off, Sara and I had just finished running 13.1 miles with our favorite Star Wars characters and thousands of our newest best friends at the Run Disney Star Wars The Dark Side Half Marathon! Now back to the hotel to shower and get ready for our day: Recovering at Epcot!12985520_10206343848217042_6789084505709930814_n

A little RunDisney post race life hack for you: transportation on race days is a nightmare. Between closed roads and getting thousands of runners and their posses back to where they belong, the bus system is completely overloaded. So use my favorite tip that’s not really that expensive when you consider what your time is worth:

Take a cab.

Sara and I did just this from POFQ and were at Epcot in no time, dropped off right up front. Very nice. And cheap. Even the longest journey on Disney property isn’t more than $20 and that in exchange for an hour or more in line or on a bus is WELL worth it! Especially when splitting with a friend. Oh, and all the cabs now take credit cards (yes, even for the tip).


Clearly, in our future we are headless. That’s too bad.

First stop? Let’s ride SpaceShip Earth! The picture taking part wasn’t working  for some reason  so Sara only had a partial head and I was completely headless. We don’t know why but this sent us into fits of crying laughter. I guess you had to be there?


Thank you, Grete!

We then headed to Mexico! We knew we wanted the margaritas at La Cava deTequila. Trust me,do this. We both had the Cucumber and it was just delicious. Note: although the rest of the pavilion opens at 11, this doesn’t open until 11:30. So you’ll have to go ride the 3 Caballeros ride first. And then, once you have your margarita, go raise a glass to Grete Waitz and say thank you. Here’s why.


How adorable is she? And look! Empty tables! Shhh . . .don’t tell EVERYONE. Let’s keep it nice and quiet, shall we?

Next stop? We strolled around World Showcase and headed to our favorite! Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar! This is when I’m glad not many people read this blog because this is a hidden gem. We’ve never had to wait for a table and it’s cool and lovely and charming. The service is amazing and the food and wine are TO DIE FOR.

When we walked in, Sara said, “oh, remember, this is the place where I did the Heimlich on that kid last time!” Never a dull moment when you travel with a physician . . . .

The cheese plate and “Taste of Italy” wine flight were amazing and totally hit the spot! We ate a lot of cheese.


You have to know, this girl LOVES to be the center of attention like this (no, no she doesn’t)

We then did all the things we love that our families don’t necessarily want to do: shopping, the movies in France and America (where, btw, Sara was serenaded by Voices of Liberty). We heard the British Invasion performance in the UK, ate something amazing at the bakery in France . . .ya know, the usual things one does after running a half marathon.

We then met our friends (same ones from this morning except for Kathy and Ali who had to go home too soon) at Chefs De France! I’d never eaten there but it was lovely! Good food, good wine, excellent service (to make up for Morimoto) and great, if somewhat tired, company. It was 6pm by now and we’d all been up since 2am so we were fading just a tad.


Do we LOOK like we’ve been up since 2am? Kelsey (the young one) actually fell asleep during this meal WHILE I was telling a story. To be fair, it wasn’t a very good story . . .

After dinner, we were ready for bed! Or at least ready to be laying down in the room on our devices off our feet.

The next morning, Sara had to leave very early and I had some time to walk the grounds of Port Orleans by myself which was delightful. And truly, again, was struck by how pretty this resort is. And then it was back home to see my puppies, kids and husband and get back to real life!


Taken on the walkway between the Port Orleans French Quarter and Port Orleans Riverside resorts. This is also a spectacular running trail. Clearly, after already running 13.1 miles the day before, I was NOT running . . .

One of my kids is begging to run this race with me next year and I am absolutely on board with that. It’s a fun race, a great course (although you’re not in the parks much), and a wonderful time of year for me. To be honest, it HASN’T received many glowing reviews, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.. Thanks for reading! and May The Course Be With You! Oh, and if you were there I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment love always appreciated:).