Gap Year Update!

Haven't updated ya'll in a minute on where I am with my planning and scheming for my Mom's Gap Year! It's sort of like Eat, Pray, Love but with no foreign lovers because I am madly devoted to my sweet husband. Also that's not really my style. Here's the big news for this week: I'VE [...]

Packing for a Run Disney Weekend

I've done posts about packing for running at Disney before, but they're old and I thought with everyone getting ready for Princess (except me, sad trombone) now would be a great time to update and talk about what things I HAVE to have when I Run Disney! With over a dozen Run Disney weekends under [...]

Star Wars Half Marathon Training

Let's talk about running, shall we? Because I am EXHAUSTED from all the other news. Heartbroken and exhausted. And talking about running is sure and doesn't scare me like the other topics, so seems like a good way to spend a few minutes. Star Wars Half, The Dark Side (do we still call it that [...]

Organizing My Way Through Global Chaos

I have always had a deep love for organization. Not as much when I was very young (my mom can tell you horror stories of my room as a child), but, interestingly, once my life became more complex, I found myself drawn to setting up systems that made order possible. Because we live in a [...]

5 Most Underrated Experiences at Walt Disney World

Last week, I posted about the 5 most overrated experiences at my favorite place on earth, the Walt Disney World Resort! Today, I want to take a slightly more positive, happy, and, dare I say, MAGICAL approach with my top 5 most UNDERRATED experiences! Some of them may be well known to you, but I [...]

The Art of Being Still

It feels lately as though the universe is sending me a message. Does that ever happen to you? Multiple times a day from multiple sources, I'll read something or see something that all relate to a common theme: stillness. Or sometimes it's boredom, or maybe it's rest, but the signs are all pointing to the [...]

28th Wedding Anniversary so I Guess I’ll Write About Marriage

So, as of Saturday, Scott and I will have been married for 28 years. Yup. February 10th, 1990, we said I do in front of 250 of our closest family and friends. And I'm trying to figure out what to say about that. I mean, I still love him, we're still IN love, and he [...]

My Top 5 Most Overrated Experiences at Disney World

Yes, I know this post will be controversial. I know that some of the things I think are over-rated will be your favorite thing IN THE ENTIRE DISNEY UNIVERSE and I want to apologize for that up front. But different strokes for different folks, and the bottom line is not EVERYTHING at Disney is as [...]

Part 2 of Our Hawaii Adventure! A condo in Poipu Beach, Kauai

I just realized I never gave you all part 2 of our Hawaii adventure, and that's a shame because it was honestly my favorite part of the trip. My boys (twin, 18) and I spent 10 days in Hawaii last summer. The first part of our adventure was spent on Oahu so please go read [...]