2017 Star Wars Half The Dark Side!

Just returned from an AMAZING weekend at Walt Disney World, playing (mostly) and running (a little) for the Run Disney Star Wars Half The Dark Side race and we had an AMAZING TIME!

The parks were a little more crowded then last year but I think that’s because it was the Sunday after Easter so still lots of spring break crowds. But it didn’t bother us because really, we didn’t care what we did as long as we could relax, enjoy and run with friends!! Check, check and check!

Cast of characters was the same as last year: me and my best running friend, Sara, have now done, um maybe 6 races together? Losing track a bit. But we have found each other to be the perfect travel and racing companions. The key? We both like our alone time and respect that in each other, we always have tons to talk about, and neither of us is running to win it – we are running to finish and to have enough gas left in our tanks to enjoy the play time AFTER the race.

Please notice the Dapper Dans on the back of the trolley! They serenaded us on our way to the castle!

Pre-CA Grille drinks at The Contemporary.

We did a lot of firsts this trip, too. We had a great meal at The Boathouse at Disney Springs, enjoyed a lovely, crowd free morning at The Magic Kingdom, and had maybe my favorite meal of the trip at The California Grill. (so, we may have gone a little overboard with the wine tasting the night before the half. Oh well.) We also joined friends for a super fun celebration dinner at Le Cellier! No idea why we didn’t get a picture. Total blogger failure on my part:(. ┬áBut Darcie, Tim, Deb and Stephen, it was AWESOME, as always, to see you all!

I will say the race itself was less than ideal. We still had fun, but 77 degrees and 85% humidity is not really ideal running weather. My stomach started acting up around mile 7 (which it always does when humidity is super high) and it meant a very slow last few miles. But we laughed and joked around anyway and my stomach settled down in plenty of time to enjoy our celebration in The World Showcase!

Yes, that would be the Millennium Falcon medal on Sara. She did the Kessel Run Challenge and got it for running both the Light Side in CA and the Dark Side in FL!

It reminded me, yet again, how much weather affects me! I’m not sure it’s true of all runners, but I suspect it is of most of us. I finished a full 25 minutes slower than my half in November and although yes, we stopped for pics and it is Disney (so rather crowded course) I was exhausted and worked really hard for what I would normally consider a mediocre finish. But I was proud of this one. Tough weather and we finished with a smile on our faces!

We honestly have no idea what is going on here. But we were having fun! This would be mile 10 or 11.

I took surprisingly few pictures and I’m not sure why! Did I forget I was a blogger? Maybe it was just because we really were enjoying every minute. But Run Disney took a few (Memory Maker being part of my Annual Pass is a great perk!).

We are already planning on next year’s trip! Although yes, the weather in FL can be warm, you just can’t beat the fun that a Run Disney weekend brings. Next year, the race is a full 2 weeks after Easter so that will help with crowds. And it CAN’T be this warm again next year, right? (I kid, I know of course it can be;).

Next Disney race is the Donald Half in January and I’m already counting the days! See ya real soon, Run Disney!!

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  1. Mer @ scootadoot says:

    Yay! I love seeing these pictures and hearing about your race – it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been down for any of the Disney races so I like to live vicariously through others. I’m heading down for a vacation in a few weeks and I’m pumped! Going to Le Cellier for the first time ever!

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