5 Things To Pack When You Run Disney

It’s almost time! I leave Friday for the Star Wars, The Dark Side Half at Walt Disney World and I seriously CANNOT wait. Who remembers this commercial?

Uh, YEAH, that’s me about right now.

I actually HATE packing. Hate it. Every time. I love traveling but hate packing. Makes no sense.

The only way I can make it fun is to start early so I started packing TODAY! And it got me thinking about what I can’t leave home without when I’m running Disney. So here we go:

Race Waiver

You need to print this out at home and bring it to you to the Expo. Is it the end of the world if you don’t have it? Nope. You can do it at the Expo but who wants to stand at a kiosk to print something out when you could be having fun? NOT ME. (Disney should have already sent you a link on how to get to yours, but if not, just click here)

Food For You

You may have something that you love to have race morning or need during the race. So my NUUN tabs and my rice krispy treats are already set aside and ready to go. I also packed oatmeal because traveler’s constipation is a real thing and the last thing you want before a race it that. Shudder. Oh, and COFFEE, of course. You can buy it at the resorts but it’s way more expensive then at my Publix (where it was conveniently on sale today:).

All Your Race Day Stuff!

I go over this with a fine toothed comb and it all goes in one zipper pouch. It’s basically my race morning pack and covers everything from my outfit to socks and even extra safety pins. Because I am paranoid, I will go through this bag at least 15 times making sure I have everything.


These are a life saver after the race. I just ordered a new pair of Oofos, in fact, as they are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE foot wear after a race. Trust me when I tell you that you will want to get out of your running shoes as soon as humanly possible. My flip-flops will be in my drop bag and will go on as soon as possible after the race!


Run Disney events are crowded and things can take awhile. If you go in with the right attitude and just go with the flow, you’ll have a much better time. Allow for margin (that thing you do when you allow twice as long to get anything done as it really should take) and you’ll find yourself basking in the magic instead of snapping at cast members and your fellow athletes.

It’s going to be such a great weekend! I cannot wait. Will I see you there??

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