Disney World Planning

I almost called this post the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men . Get it? Mice?

And it’s fitting because one can make a FABULOUS plan for any vacation, but plans are simply guidelines. They are important but they are also meant to flex according to how everyone is doing , the weather, and, um, I don’t know, whatever unexpected circumstances arise (and they WILL).

But I’ve done my best to make a plan that feels right for our family. Yes, these plans took me months to put together but the truth is, I love the planning part. Is it necessary? Absolutely not. If you are going and all you did was check park hours and make a few FP reservations you would be fine, but this is how WE travel (because of me. If it weren’t for me I’m not sure they would ever get out of the airport. Mostly kidding.)

So here goes:

Day 1 – Arrival at MCO, check in at AKL, and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party! It is high risk behavior to have tickets to the Christmas party (a hard ticket event with no refunds) on arrival night. I know this. I tell people never to do this. We’re doing it anyway. We land at MCO at 1:15 and hope to be at the party no later than 5pm. Will we succeed? Who knows.

It’s my party shirt!! My fam won’t do matching shirts. But that doesn’t mean I can’t be TOTALLY ADORABLE.

Day 2 – Sleep in, late arrival at Animal Kingdom where we have FP’s for Flights of Passage and will be touring Pandora, doing the Safari and Everest, and all our normal Animal Kingdom favorites. No dining reservations today but I may see if I can get a last minute ADR at Yak and Yeti (which I said never again to after last time’s horrible service but the boys love it so may give it another chance). I really like the counter service options at Animal Kingdom, so if we can’t get in, no big deal. May take a break, may not (depends on the weather, really, and how tired we all are from our big party night;).

That’s a pretzel. I’m gonna get one of those this time, too.

Day 3 – Rope Drop Hollywood Studios! Lunch at Sci-Fi at 2pm (which I wish was earlier but that was all we could get – I will keep trying to move that up). We then head to Epcot to check out the Christmas stuff and the food booths and will snack for dinner (our favorite thing to do in Epcot).

Day 4 – Rope Drop Magic Kingdom! Crystal Palace breakfast at 10:25 (so more like brunch) and FP’s for all the usual suspects. By the way, I snagged this by using Touring Plans dining reservation finder. It really works! They texted me when they found it, I got on the app and voila. Magical. We love the Touring Plans app and I feel like it’s definitely worth the subscription cost. Then it’s off to Epcot for Biergarten and Illuminations. This is a BIG food day. Must wear my stretchy pants . . . .

Day 5 – Break Day! The twin’s senior pictures session is scheduled at the resort, so we will do that in the morning and then see what we feel like. I’m thinking we might rent a pontoon boat. That night we are touring the resorts to look at the Christmas decorations and eating at The Grand Floridian Cafe (and enjoying the gorgeous gingerbread house and tree in the lobby). May watch fireworks from the Poly. May not.

Day 6 – Epcot! Mostly Future World. Taking a break and then heading back to Hollywood Studios for dinner at 50’s PT and to enjoy their new holiday offerings. MAY do Fantasmic?

This happened on my last visit to Pandora. So cool!

Day 7 – Back to Animal Kingdom for a second go at Flights of Passage, then 4pm at Liberty Tree Tavern, followed by a very crowded Magic Kingdom (it’s EMH that night), the fireworks dessert party and then EMH until we can’t anymore.

Day 8 – Fly home to see our doggies

My hope is that I have planned enough but not too much. And we’re also pros at flexing when things aren’t as magical as we would like, so I know going in that this plan will change many times. But I know we are at least set up for success and will have a magical time NO MATTER WHAT, because we will be together. So even the vacation mishaps will become memories that we will share over and over again. At least that’s what this mama hopes for.

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