Favorite Distance! Tuesdays on The Run Link Up!

For Tuesdays on The Run (a very fun link-up with some very fun blogging runners including my friend, Patty, from My No Guilt Life), the writing topic for today is “Favorite Distance” and this one is a toss up for me.

Yes, I ran all those races.

After all, in my 6 years of running I’ve done a lot of distances – 5K, 10K, 15K, half and full marathon and I’m sure some others I’m forgetting.

I can tell you right away which one is NOT my favorite – the 10K. Too short to use my “distance running” strategy, too far to go all out. No bueno.

I actually really like the half distance – fairly easy to train for, doesn’t take over your whole life, very easy to recover from. And I’m really looking forward to running the Wine and Dine Half at Disney World in just 5 and a half weeks (you can read my post from last year’s race here.)

But I have to say my favorite, my very favorite, my most favorite race is (wait for it) . . .


Are you surprised? I don’t know what it is, but when you’ve done all the training and you show up at the start line ready to roll there’s just something about it. The runners around you? Yeah, they feel it, too. You’re an exclusive club of crazies embarking on the same journey, not totally sure what the day will bring, but feeling 100% united. You are not just weekend warrior. You are athletes. The real deal. Not joggers. Not even runners. You are MARATHONERS.

If you don’t want to be inspired to run a marathon, DO NOT watch this movie.

You can sort of fake a half – show up barely trained – and you can definitely finish. It might not be pretty, but you’ll finish.

But the marathon? The full enchilada? All 26.2 beautiful miles of it?

How much mileage am I going to get out of this one pic? Me after the 2013 WDW Marathon at Ohana  (and as great as the race is, AFTER the race is even better;)

There’s no faking. If you’re not ready . . . .it will eat you alive.

It’s why this time I’m so determined to finish each and every long run mile. No shortcuts. No cop outs. Because although I’ve been mostly ready (certainly good enough ready) I’ve never felt truly, completely, totally ready.

And I truly can’t wait to wake up at 2 am on a coolish, low humidity Orlando day (come on, a girl can dream) and line up with 20,000 of my closest friends for 26.2 miles of magic at Disney World. It’s gonna be a GREAT day.

Happy running, whatever the distance. And if you’re dreaming of a marathon some day, you CAN do it. And we’re right here to help show you how.


6 thoughts on “Favorite Distance! Tuesdays on The Run Link Up!

  1. We Run Disney says:

    I tend to agree with you here. The marathon is the ultimate race as far as I’m concerned. It puts you through a battery of tests, from the minute you register, until you cross the finish line. -C

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