Gap Year Tuesday #3 A Plan is Taking Shape

How is it already Tuesday again?

So, this week’s planning for the gap year has been big and dramatic and all over the place BUT

Random picture of me sitting outdoors with fresh hair color. Because every one knows pictures are important in blog posts. I mean, at least it was taken this past week so it’s somewhat relevant. How long is too long for a caption?


(go read what I’m doing and why here if you’re new or confused or both)

You guys, I BOOKED SOMETHING! Hurray!

I’m not going to give specific dates (someone smart told me to be somewhat vague about exactly where I’ll be when although since I’ll be posting like crazy on social media I’m not sure what good that will do). But what I will tell you is that it’s a Disney cruise, it’s for 11 days, and I’m going BY MYSELF. Oh, and that it’s a transatlantic crossing.

So yes, thank you, I will be the strange, middle aged woman sailing alone on a Disney cruise ship. But, actually, not strange at all. More and more  people like me are sailing alone and Disney cruise line seems like the perfect place to do it! 

I’m super excited about the cruise part but also about the days I’ll spend before the cruise touring London with (hopefully) a British friend for at least part of the time. I can take all the classes and go to all the wine tastings and do all the writing. Because I am a ridiculous romantic and nothing seems better to me than writing on board a ship. Just got happy chills.

OK, what else?? Well, the “what do I want to do when I grow up” part has been brewing aggressively and I am honestly as excited about what happens after the gap year as I am about the year itself. There are so many amazing things to study! I honestly never thought I’d be going back to school, not like this, and not this excited about the possibilities; but the world is opening up to me (again) just like when I was younger. Blessed, blessed, blessed.

I’ve told Scott he has to write a paragraph or so about all of this. Because I know I keep saying how supportive and excited he is, but I think people doubt. No, really, he’s on board!

A couple of you have asked (in a somewhat guarded, very polite way) about how we’re paying for all of this. No, we are NOT independently wealthy nor am I getting paid to write about all I’m doing (although if you’re out there and you’d like to pay me to write about this I’m game!). Nope, we are taking money from our long term savings to fund my travels and then my education.

For about 7 minutes I had guilt about this. I mean really, isn’t it selfish for me to be spending all that money on myself?

NOPE. And after working full-time for over two decades and raising 3 children, that’s all she said about that.

Oh, and the California trip is starting to solidify as well and we have reserved a villa in Newport Beach for part of the time. In case you’re not as dialed into the details of my life as I am, the CA trip is in June with at least one kid and maybe my mom  and will be about 2 weeks of beach time and connection with our CA family roots, including visiting the Clara Shortridge Foltz Justice Center in Los Angeles that was  named for my 3rd Great Aunt (who motivated a lot of my crazy future plans).

Oh, and did I tell you about Japan? My oldest went last year and is begging to take me there to show me everything he loved. Well . . OK. If we must. (although that plane ride is already intimidating me! Dang, it’s a long way to Japan)

So that’s it for this week. Sorry I rambled considerably here but this post is exactly reflective of where my mind is right now. I have never been more excited about my own life!! Hope you’ll subscribe and follow and be along for the journey.

3 thoughts on “Gap Year Tuesday #3 A Plan is Taking Shape

  1. Stephanie Suire says:

    I am so excited for you! Solo travel is my jam, so I totally get it. When I go on business trips, I love the long plane trips because 1) no kids, 2) they give me wine and 3) I can watch a movie or read a book! So happy you are doing a solo cruise, the Disney cruise is perfect for you. Also, I am jealous of all the writing time you will have. Oh, I will also want to interview you and feature you on my blog early next year, so plan on that.

  2. Heili says:

    I forgot… Petersham Nurseries for lunch or dinner in London, possibly in connection with a ramble around Kew Gardens. It’s the most magical place I think I went to in my three years there!

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