Gap Year Tuesday

So, if you missed last Tuesday’s update, please go here and get caught up!

But in case you’re busy, here’s the bottom line: I am going to spend one year (starting in June of 2018) traveling, writing, meeting people and experiencing new things. The purpose of this time is for me to decide what I want to study in school and what I want to do when I grow up. And also for me to have fun.

So just like any old gap year except instead of being a recent high school graduate, I’m 47 and will be graduating from mothering. At least full-time mothering (one always mothers I’ve been told).

So this week what did I do to get ready?

Obsess. I obsessed. A lot.

I have a bit of a problem with perfectionism, especially when coming to vacation planning. So I have spent FAR TOO MUCH TIME on home rental sites like and airbnb and Expedia . . . LOTS of trips to plan but the first two are big:

CA for 2 weeks and then, in September, England for 2 weeks.

You’d think California would be easy (I am a native after all) but there are too many choices and also people can’t decide who’s coming with me. Hoping my mommy will join us for all or part of it, so looking at homes that will fit her and at least 2 or 3 other Lefforges. No ides which ones.

England is a TAD more complicated. I have some wonderful friends, Paul and Elizabeth, that are trying to help me with that. My fantasy is a small cottage within walking distance of a village with shops and coffee and yet still within an hour of London by train. How hard can that be?? Suggestions welcomed. Oh, and I want to be able to see sheep. I don’t know why.

I’m suffering just a tad from the Smörgåsbord affect – so many choices that I’m having trouble picking. Scott has LOTS of opinions and as he, admittedly, has traveled more than I and is rather smart I should listen to him. He wants me to add Barcelona and Milan and about 4 other places I’ve never heard of. Did I mention he seems more excited even than I am??  He really will be helpful as soon as I actually let him help me. Right now I just stop him and say “this is MY gap year not yours.” And then I feel bad about myself. May need to plan a date night planning session so he knows I really do value his input (he just overwhelms me).

Oh, and all the sudden I am completely freaked out about driving on the “wrong” side of the road in the UK.  Keep in mind I’ll be alone so things like that with a friend or loved one can be zany adventures. Alone they can be terrifying. And also, I’m just going to say it: I am a mediocre (at best) driver.

So that’s where we are. Lots of choices, no decisions, but still lots of excitement.

So where would you go?? You have a year to really go anywhere you want. What’s on YOUR list?? I want to know!



6 thoughts on “Gap Year Tuesday

    • Running For My Life! says:

      Italy is definitely tempting me! I’ve always wanted to go. Just have to decide WHERE in Italy. I’m not one for trips with lots of different ports of call – I like to plant myself in one place and really LIVE there, if that makes any sense??

    • Running For My Life! says:

      I’m not sure how many international trips I’ll be able to do (I’m thinking at least 2 but maybe not more than that just due to finances) BUT Norway is on the short list FOR SURE. Just not sure Just gotta see if we can afjord it (see what I did there).

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