Gap Year Update – A Few More Details

So sorry I missed last week. The shooting in Las Vegas, the ongoing recovery in Puerto Rico, and a local boy and classmate of my sons who lost his life had me very heavy hearted. I sat down to try to write several times but the words just didn’t come. Continuing to pray and be extremely mindful of those around me who are suffering. When one of us suffers we all suffer.

But we move forward. So many of the stories from the men and women who died in Las Vegas mentioned that they were there celebrating LIFE. Wedding anniversaries, graduations, marriages – they were LIVING WELL as they died. Which says, to me, that we all must continue to pursue LARGE, HAPPY, VIBRANT life. Because that is what keeps the violence from winning. Also, we pass common sense gun regulation. We do THAT, too, but that’s a post for another day and maybe never. I may just have to push for that with my VOTE which is, truly, my strongest weapon. There is no way to transition from this paragraph so . . . .

The gap year planning continues! Did I tell ya’ll that my oldest¬† is taking me to Japan? He is planning our entire trip and presented me this week with a gorgeous Excel spreadsheet filled with all our adventures (uh, and yes we’re going to Tokyo Disney;). I love that kid. So much so that I’m willing to endure a 14 hour plane ride for him. Yikes.

Keep in mind, we fly space available (my husband flies for a major airline). Which means our flight is free but only if there is room on the airplane. Which is NEVER guaranteed so I shall say we HOPE to go to Japan. May end up being Belgium. Or New York. Hey, I wanted adventure, right?? So that’s what I’m getting!

I’ve joined the FB page for the cruise I’m taking but haven’t posted yet. I don’t know, I felt weird about piping up and saying “hey, I’m cruising alone! Anybody want to be my friend?” Because, honestly, I may not want to make any friends. Maybe when we get closer? Crazy to me how quickly cruises sell out and how far in advance people plan them! And how enthusiastic frequent cruisers are. It’s awesome!

Yesterday,¬† I bought something AMAZING for my travels. I have always wanted a really good, cashmere robe (ever since Oprah said they were a must have way back in the 90’s) but the quality ones are typically at least $300 and I could never justify it. But they are so perfect for travel – they fold up small and are soft and cuddly and just perfect for chilly hotel rooms.

Well today, I was at the Frontgate outlet and they had some that were monogrammed and they had an L! It was 50% off and then 50% off of that so I got A DEAL and I couldn’t be happier. Does this say “crazy woman traveling in style” or what?? Seems perfect for chilly nights and maybe even on the airplane when I’m flying long distance. Because nothing says “let’s class up the place” like a woman in coach in a cashmere robe.

I am also continuing to ponder life after the gap year.

My counselor and my husband have been wonderful in encouraging me to just stay in the moment and let things evolve. I am NOT super good at the letting things evolve concept. But I do believe they are correct so for now, we will just take this one grand adventure at a time.

Until next week!

2 thoughts on “Gap Year Update – A Few More Details

  1. Stephanie Suire says:

    LOVE the robe!! You will be the envy of everyone in coach! As for the Japan trip, I would be breaking out in hives over the fact that I could potentially NOT get on the flight. My control issues would never let me be so breezy about NOT having a seat purchased and guaranteed. But you have more experience with that so I hope it works out. If not, you can be all breezy about ending up in Belgium or NYC.
    In other news, 19 days until I leave for Disney.

    • Running For My Life! says:

      LOL! Yes, having a father who was also an airline captain has trained me well. I don’t love the indecision, for sure. But I DO love the no money part because without that these trips just wouldn’t be possible. And WOOHOO to 19 days!!!!!!! I’m so excited for you! And even more excited because as soon as you get back it’s almost our turn:).

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