Going Off The Social Media Grid

This is a very ironic blog post. Mostly because without social media, bloggers like myself would have virtually (see what I did there) no audience. No one would know we existed, what we wrote, or that we toiled at computers trying to find the words to express the feelings in our hearts and in our minds.

It is the very stage upon which the blogger performs. No social media? No stage. I might as well be singing in my shower. Or writing on a brown paper bag in the park.

But Facebook and twitter and I aren’t getting along. My time there has become too much and no, I didn’t post one of those dramatic FB Fast posts saying good-bye cruel social media world.  I just sort of ghosted. Sorry about that.

Our family has been in a bit of private personal crisis, and the choice to get off FB and twitter is by far one of the healthiest I’ve made lately. As a counselor recently pointed out to me, when one of the things you struggle with is codependency, social media can be a dangerous thing. My need for approval tends to roll around and relish in the muck of the social media “like” button. And it’s just time to be done.

There are a few virtual friends that I will honestly miss but they know how to reach me through other means. I need, for a season, to be less exposed and less accessible.

I will still be writing, but unless you’re subscribed to the blog you won’t know so you should subscribe;). There should be a button to do that on the bottom of this post.

So I’ll still be here – working, running, parenting, loving , laughing, and sometimes crying. You can always reach out to me by my email address as well, jenlefforge@gmail.com

It’s been 7 years (I think) since I was off social media for any length of time, so should be an interesting journey! I’ll let you know how it goes.



4 thoughts on “Going Off The Social Media Grid

  1. Amy says:

    Jen I’ll miss your posts but am glad you recognize when it’s time to give yourself a break. Looking forward to seeing you back when you’re refreshed and reenergized.

  2. Nellie says:

    girl I missed you right away. I don’t know what it was that said something about YOU in my spirit but somehow I ended up in the middle of a conference searching for you on facebook and twitter. Glad you are ok though and I hope you are enjoying your break. Miss you much.

    • Running For My Life! says:

      AHHHHH . . . yes, my sweet friend, you definitely were top of the list of those I 1.would miss and 2. knew would reach out! You know how to get me by email and have my cell so please reach out any time! It’s a bit odd but a bit nice, too. Won’t be forever, but it’s good for now.

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