Maybe My Last Blog Post

I'm going to make this as "concise and precise" as possible, and if you're a regular reader of the blog you know what a struggle that is for me. The last couple of weeks I have been mostly off social media. I was feeling the tug back to a more private life and sort of [...]

Things I’m Loving Right Now And Things That Are On My Nerves

Just a quick check in on this gorgeous fall day! I hope you are all doing fantastically well; that your significant others are appreciating all you bring to their lives, that your children are being obedient and courteous, and that your dog hasn't thrown up on the floor . . . . And if all [...]

Disney World Planning

I almost called this post the Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men . Get it? Mice? And it's fitting because one can make a FABULOUS plan for any vacation, but plans are simply guidelines. They are important but they are also meant to flex according to how everyone is doing , the weather, and, [...]

Gap Year Tuesday – Embracing Spontaneity

I am not good at spontaneity. Anyone who knows me well just laughed out loud and said "ya think?" I am a planner, through and through. I like to stay ahead of things. I like to plan out every possible scenario in my head so that even when things go wrong, a plan B, C, [...]

Disney World Half Marathon Training Update – week 6

I have time to blog this morning because I am NOT doing my long run. The humidity that should have already been gone for the summer is still here and I just can't. I want to, I just can't. So I'll save my 4 miler (it's a lower mileage week) until Monday when things look [...]

Gap Year Update – A Few More Details

So sorry I missed last week. The shooting in Las Vegas, the ongoing recovery in Puerto Rico, and a local boy and classmate of my sons who lost his life had me very heavy hearted. I sat down to try to write several times but the words just didn't come. Continuing to pray and be [...]

Anatomy of A Delusional Run

This morning was a step down week in my training plan. What is a step down week? In a nutshell, you run less after running more. Last week's long run was 5 miles and next week is 6.5, but today was just 3. JUST THREE MILES. So I leave for my 3 mile run, it's [...]

5 Reasons We Love Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Ahhhh . . . it's almost here. Can you feel it? That crisp fall air is coming through the window, that pumpkin spice candle is burning strong. You've just put on your slippers and cozy sweater to read a book in front of the fire Unless you live in Atlanta, GA, where it's going to [...]

Gap Year Tuesday #3 A Plan is Taking Shape

How is it already Tuesday again? So, this week's planning for the gap year has been big and dramatic and all over the place BUT A PLAN IS TAKING SHAPE. (go read what I'm doing and why here if you're new or confused or both) You guys, I BOOKED SOMETHING! Hurray! I'm not going to [...]