Where I Stay For WDW Marathon Weekend and Why!

I was trying to add up how many Run Disney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekends I've participated in and I THINK it's 6. I've missed the last two and have felt serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). So much so, that just today I pulled the trigger on my early entry option through Disney Vacation [...]

Running and Burnout At The End of A Training Cycle

On the Facebook page yesterday, I asked what I should write about this weekend. I wanted it to be running related, but wasn't sure what direction to go. Laura (hi, Laura!) asked if I would write about burnout at the end of a long training cycle. Since I get this EVERY TIME I train for [...]

Owning Disney Vacation Club The Good and The Not As Good

We have owned points in Disney Vacation Club for several years now. I get asked about it A LOT so I thought I'd do a quick post reviewing our experience, sharing a couple things we've learned, and what we would do differently if we had it to do over! We purchased our contract from a [...]

When The World is Falling Apart I Go For A Run

It's rough right now. I don't think you can see it any other way. No matter your political views, your faith or your world view, we are all feeling it. Division, hate, misunderstanding, name calling and dualism are ruling the day. I'm doing all the helpful, normal things - I'm reading the information, calling my [...]

Universal Orlando When You’re a Disney Family

For years, friends have been telling us that we just HAD to go to Universal Resort in Orlando. We are Disney people through and through, and something about cheating on the mouse just felt wrong. Add to that our ownership in Disney Vacation Club (a timeshare owned and operated by Disney) and you can see [...]

A Middle-Age Girls Guide to Perimenopause

Remember the video we all watched when we were in the 7th or 8th grade? You know, the one about Our Changing Bodies? The boys had their version, we had ours, everybody uncomfortably giggled, hopefully learned something, and walked out scared to death? Yeah, well, Ladies, if you're in the 40 - 50 year old [...]

The Myth of The Magical Conversation

I am a product of television and movies. I watched a large amount of both as a child and although I don't think it made me a bad person or flawed my character, it did give me certain ideas about life and relationships that I have come to believe are somewhat unrealistic. The most damaging [...]

When They Cancelled the Disney World Half And Twitter Ran it Anyway

I am not at the Walt Disney World marathon weekend today and I am so sad to be missing! At first, I was sad for all the usual reasons, but then this happened: In an abundance of caution, WDW Resort has cancelled all running events 1/7/17 due to weather conditions. More info: https://t.co/v0Jb85bJd8 pic.twitter.com/Bkpleqfs9X — [...]

Training Begins Again Star Wars The Dark Side Half

It is January 7th and I am, once again, embarking on a journey of running and nutrition and endurance to prepare myself for another half marathon. I think this is number 21? When I first started 7 years ago, I truly never imagined that I would do this multiple times a year! I don't even [...]