A Quick Update on Running and On Life

I haven’t written in literally weeks and I can’t really give you a solid answer as to why.

It’s not just writer’s block (I’ve had that and I typically know how to address it) but more of a lack of anything interesting to say. Oh, wait, that may be writer’s block. Huh.

I’m in a bit of a transitionary time, trying to figure out what I want to do when I grow up.

I think the politics of our country have stifled my creativity as well. It’s difficult for me to write about fitness and life balance and even family when I feel as though our whole democracy is hanging in the balance.

But those things matter now, maybe more than ever. Because if I’m not fit, and don’t have balance and if I’m not properly caring for my family and myself, I can’t have a strong, healthy, balanced voice in the world. And I think our voices, now more than ever, have to be strong, healthy and balanced.

It would be ever so much easier to just hide.

But then again, God didn’t give me a voice to hide. I can hide sometimes if I need to heal. But I can’t hide all the time. There is work for me to do and I need to find the proper way to do it within the life I’ve been given.

I have to go watch President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia.

God help us all.

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