Where I Stay For WDW Marathon Weekend and Why!

This one is from that time I ran the marathon and the next day participated in the American Idol Experience and one my round and made it to finals. I say this because I bring it up whenever possible.

I was trying to add up how many Run Disney Walt Disney World Marathon Weekends I’ve participated in and I THINK it’s 6. I’ve missed the last two and have felt serious FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). So much so, that just today I pulled the trigger on my early entry option through Disney Vacation Club and signed up for next year’s race!

With regular registration next week, and Disney hotels getting booked earlier then ever for this kind of thing, I thought I might discuss where I like to stay for Marathon Weekend and WHY! Keep in mind, you’ll want to make sure your hotel is a “host” hotel (Disney will have a list) although for marathon weekend I’m fairly sure they all are. That means you’ll have guaranteed free transportation to the Expo and to all the race weekend events right from your hotel!

I have 3 faves and I’ll start with my 3rd favorite and work down from there.

3. Old Key West

Transportation here is not the best ¬†UNLESS you’re in a “Near Hospitality House” villa which is what we always get (it’s an actual DVC category – doesn’t cost more points but you do specify if that’s what you want). The villas are HUGE and there are always tons of runners staying there. Also love that I have a kitchen (1 bedroom or larger) or at least a kitchenette (studio) because I like to have some of my own food for marathon weekend. The down side? It can take FREAKING FOREVER to get back there after the race. Although that can be true for all locations (except my Number 1)

2. Port Orleans, French Quarter

Small, happy, economical (by Disney standard;) and BEIGNETS. I stayed here a couple years ago and fell in love with it. The grounds are awesome, the food court is VERY good, and the small size means you’re not putting 2 – 3 EXTRA miles on your already marathon (see what I did there) day just getting to your room. Love. If I’m not staying on points, this is where you’ll find me.

  1. Boardwalk!!!!!!!

    Scott was running the full and I was cheering for him. That’s the Boardwalk Villas Pool building on my left and the marathon course on my right. You’re literally RIGHT THERE.

If you’re cheering for the full (which I will be doing this year) this place is THE BOMB as you can literally walk out the door to your room and find a perfect place to cheer (the full goes right along the canal that borders BW). Also, when running the half or the full, you can walk back to your room from the finish line at Epcot (assuming you have park admission) so no waiting forever for a bus. I actually like taking a recovery walk after running so this doesn’t bother me (be prepared for the walk to be leisurely as the race will most likely still be going on). I also love it here because Epcot is my FAVORITE place to recover and to visit so the short walk there is DREAMY.

I’ve never stayed off property for marathon weekend and I don’t think I would want to. There are just so many people and crowds and traffic stress me out. I want my stress to be about my race, NOT about getting to and from everything.

I hope I’ll see you there! It really is my FAVORITE Run Disney weekend!

5 thoughts on “Where I Stay For WDW Marathon Weekend and Why!

  1. Amelia says:

    We’ve stayed at Boardwalk/Yacht Club the last two times and it’s perfect. A little cheaper than Boardwalk, but same convenience and cheering setup for the races.

    And even after the races are over, it’s nice that you can walk to DHS and Epcot to work the tightness out of your legs.

    • Running For My Life! says:

      Yes, Beach Club/Yacht Club work great as well!! Yacht Club is actually my favorite non DVC resort. If I can’t get into BW using my points at 7 months, I will most likely pay cash for YC instead! It’s VERRRRYYYYY classyyyyyy. . . .just like me . . . bwahahaha.

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