Star Wars Half Marathon! I Adore Running Disney at Disneyland!

Just got home yesterday from an AMAZING weekend running the Run Disney Star Wars Half Marathon!! There is so much to tell and it was just lovely, but I'm going to go ahead and go out on a limb here, knowing it may make my registration for next year that much harder: you're gonna wanna [...]

Reviews of All The Things! Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend 2015

After a very emotional and long read about the race itself (you can read that here), I thought I'd take a minute to write something MUCH shorter about the weekend in general. (whoops, just finished the post and came back to tell you, it's not actually that short. Sorry.) Where we stayed, what we ate, [...]

Reflections on My Fourth Marathon – Disney World 2015

I wrote this a couple of weeks ago, but when asked by Tuesdays on The Run about my worst race, I decided to go ahead and repost this one. It's hard for me to say that any of the races have been bad because even when the whole thing has fallen apart, I've learned stuff. [...]

How much does it REALLY cost to run a RunDisney race?

So you think you want to do this, huh? Well, it's awesome. And you really should. I clearly LOVE RunDisney and their races, but as you're planning for your training, your hydration, your nutrition and your fabulous costume or running outfit  and tiara, there's something else you need to be planning for. Namely . . [...]