Family Fun at Ft. Walton Beach and a Weekend with Skirt Sports! And a Discount Code!

I haven't posted in over a week! So unlike me. But I've been out there experiencing life in big, beautiful gulps and it's been exhilarating (although just  a tad exhausting, in all the right ways;). I was reminded this week of the quote from Jackie Robinson: "Life is not a spectator sport. If you're going [...]

What It Means to Be Fearless

Well, we're finally all moved over to the new blog! Did everybody make the move with me? We didn't leave anybody behind, did we? I hope you like the new digs! So glad you're here! Saturday, I'll be running the 261 Fearless Virtual Race with Skirt Sports that commemorates the anniversary of Kathrine Switzer's amazing finish [...]

Irving Half Marathon 2015! Review and Race Report

Whew! That was an AWESOME weekend. I'm still recovering and coming off my crazy happy PR high! But wait, I'm spoiling the post. I should make you wait for that part, right?? Race day came bright and early. There was a lunar eclipse which I got to see a bit of on my way in [...]

You Can Call Me Madam Captain Ambassador – Working With SkirtSports and So Excited! And A Discount Code!

3 years ago, when I started writing Running For My Life, if you had told me that I would get an email from a great company that said this: "Welcome to Skirt Sports, Jennifer Lefforge!" I would have called you a crazy, delusional liar. For reals. When I put in my application I figured it [...]