Things I’m Loving Right Now And Things That Are On My Nerves

Just a quick check in on this gorgeous fall day! I hope you are all doing fantastically well; that your significant others are appreciating all you bring to their lives, that your children are being obedient and courteous, and that your dog hasn’t thrown up on the floor . . . .

And if all those things are unrealistic, then I just hope you’re getting through the day.

I am having a morning of inexplicable panic attacks so am just sitting in a chair trying to get it to pass. If you don’t get panic attacks, this sounds insane. If you do get them,¬† you get it. Clearly I am OK with you thinking I’m insane.

So what am I into right now:

Books. Currently reading Falling Upward by Richard Rohr. OMG, you guys, GROUND BREAKING READ for where I am in my life right now. I’ll warn you it’s deep. Not in a “you’re too stupid to understand it” way but in a “holy crap, what did he just say?” way. It’s a slow read because I keep going back and re-reading sentences and realizing how much they resonate.

I need to start some fiction. Any suggestions?? I find my reading life needs balance just like my regular life, so deep non-fiction works well with things like The Couple Next Door (which i LOVED, btw). I need to get started on the other book by the guy who wrote A Man Called Ove (which was SPECTACULAR).

Clothes: Yes, still Skirt Sports. Lots of Skirt Sports. In particular, living in these pants. Check them out.

Packing for Disney! I have stopped writing about specifics on our trip because there have been a couple break-ins in my hood so just playing it safe. But I am packing, I am leaving soon, and we do have a house-sitter, an armed alarm system that goes straight to the police, and a huge dog that will eat you if you try to break in. He won’t just bite you, he will then literally eat you. (I mean, maybe not, but why would one take¬† a chance like that??)

Currently on my nerves:

Social Media. Yes, let’s put this under the heading of biting the hand that feeds you since I am a blogger, but I am just sick to death of the phony balogniness of all of it. DONE DONE DONE. Your life is as f’ed up as mine and you know it. So just deal. Also, DONE with everybody being mad all the time. I was getting that way, too, but I’m not going to do that anymore because it doesn’t change anything and makes me super cranky.

Mysterious dog pee. Our adorable little dog pees on the carpet. A LOT. And you can’t find it because he’s so little. So you smell it but you can’t find it. I bought a black light to find it but it’s terrifying so I refuse to use it. I bought some stuff that gets rid of the smell amazingly well, but first you have to find the source. This is on my last nerve.

Ordering shoes online. I want this to work for me but it never ever does and I’m currently caught in a temporal loop of shoe buying and shoe return.

This post was written in approximately 5 minutes and received no editing.

I hope you enjoyed it.

No, I haven’t been drinking.

The End


2 thoughts on “Things I’m Loving Right Now And Things That Are On My Nerves

  1. Stephanie Suire says:

    This is exactly the kind of post I love because I feel like I am sitting there with you, just chatting. I know panic attacks well enough to know that writing this post was just a distraction so you will not give in to the panic. But it worked. And I feel like I am caught up on life with you a little now. I spent the morning writing almost 2,000 word about our Disney trip but it definitely needs editing before it is posted. And speaking of dog pee, we are looking for a pug puppy for our family. Not to replace the pug we lost, but to fill the empty spot in our hearts that she left when her suffering ended. Now this is getting sad, so go back to your Disney planning and I will share my post with you when it is live. Love and miss you!

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