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Took this after a long run last summer. It sums up well how I look and feel when running in TX in the summer. Just lovely.

I’m linking up with Tuesdays on The Run today and we’re all talking about hot weather running! Check it out for great tips from other great runners and bloggers!

I live (and run) in a suburb of Dallas, Texas.

Why this is significant is that in Dallas, in the summer, it is, um, how do I say this?

Freakin’ hot and humid!

Sometimes when I rise before dawn for my run it’s already in the 80’s and humidity is in the 90’s which makes for some dang stinky efforts, but I do it anyway.

So the topic of favorite warm weather running gear is huge for me! I have a few things that must happen starting, typically, in early May and lasting (sadly) well into the first part of October.


Even on short efforts, I carry water because even just 30 minutes is enough to get incredibly dehydrated when you’re sweating like a pig┬áleaking your awesome.

A small washcloth

I tuck these into my running skirt to deal with the deluge of “awesome” spilling off my head and into my eyes, especially on long runs. Baby washcloths work great for this. I wear a moisture wicking visor but for long efforts, that’s just not enough. I can also rinse it with cold water for a bit of relief and to wipe the salt off (see the next must have;).


Or whatever your electrolyte replacement of choice is. This can be during or after, but in the hottest months I use an electrolyte drink every day. Several years ago, during a particularly brutal summer while marathon training, I found myself in my doctor’s office with dangerously low blood pressure. Diagnosis? Not enough salt! I was only drinking water but was loosing far too many minerals through sweat and needed to replace them! I prefer Nuun or EmergenC because they also have B vitamins that, as a vegetarian, I tend to be low in.

And that’s pretty much it! Not much “gear” there, but then again, when it’s hot and humid you want to wear, and carry, as little as humanly possible.

And I will adjust to the heat this year as I have every year of my running life. It takes triple digits to put me on the treadmill and if I’m smart, it should be another great summer of training!

Happy running!

2 thoughts on “Tuesdays On The Run! Favorite Warm Weather Running Gear

  1. Leana says:

    No doubt with running in Dallas you are well versed in how to run in the heat and humidity. I had never thought of carrying a small washcloth before. Great list!

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