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Look how happy we all are!

i absolutely love run disney races. check out these posts if you’re thinking about signing up for one!

There are lots of new faces around here, and I couldn’t be happier!! But it occurred to me that those of you that read because of my running adventures might want to have one place where all my trip reports from various races lives. For this post, I’m going to stick with the Run Disney races because before I forked down my first race registration, and then while I was training for my first Run Disney event, blogs about past races were my jam. Hope you enjoy!!!

How much does it REALLY cost to Run Disney
2015 Walt Disney World Marathon
2015 Star Wars Half Marathon – Disneyland Resort
2014 Wine and Dine Half! The one Where the Rain Rain Rain Came Down Down Down
2014 WDW Marathon Weekend (the one where I do the half and crazy Scott does the Goofy)
Princess 2014! Reviews of All The Things!
How To Save $$$ When You Run Disney
Run Disney Race Retreat Review
Star Wars The Dark Side Trip Report Part 1
Star Wars The Dark Side Trip Report Part 2 
Star Wars The Dark Side Trip Report Part 3 – Celebrating at Epcot!
Star Wars The Light Side – Running at Disneyland!
2017 Star Wars The Dark Side Half
2018 Marathon Weekend! Part 1
2018 Marathon Weekend Part 2
2018 Marathon Weekend Part 3
2018 Marathon Weekend part 4
2018 Marathon Weekend Part 5

Wow. That’s a lot of words, a lot of pictures, a TON of fun and priceless memories!! I hope some of what I experienced helps you in your training, in your dreaming, and in your quest to always find HAPPY RUNNING!!!!! May every mile be MAGICAL!

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