Gap Year Update – Shopping and Dreaming

The start of The Gap Year is still a few months off, but my researching, dreaming and planning is in full swing!

As a firm believer in planning being a big part of the enjoyment of travel, this is one of my favorite parts of this journey so far. Which has really not even started yet, so that makes sense, right? Yes, if you’re new, these are the kinds of jokes one can expect moving forward. You’ve been warned.

Since I know I’ll be in Europe quite a bit, I’ve been doing TONS of reading and watching about the places I know I MUST go. My new favorite show, Samantha Brown’s Places to Love, did an episode on the Bern region of Switzerland and it’s jumped to THE TOP of my list. Hiking, biking, chocolate, cheese, flowers . . . there is nothing here not to like. A local shop owner in the video describes it as a “gentle town”. Sigh Just dreamy.

Bonus: they drive on the right side of the road there so car rental doesn’t terrify me like it does in the UK. I’ve also been looking at a lot of Rick Steve’s information, specifically his UK itineraries, and that’s looking quite tempting as well. Have I mentioned I’m terrified of driving on the left? Will be planning lots of train travel whilst in England.

I’ve discovered some great new bloggers and twitter friends as well, and am looking forward to sharing that list with you soon. Please let me know if you follow someone I should know!

But I’ve also been doing a little thing called SHOPPING, and although I’m not normally a girl who’s all that into that kind of thing, travel shopping is a whole different level. I recently bought a TLS Weekender Mother Lode Junior from Ebags (non affiliate link;), and yes, I have filled it up and taken it for a practice run around the house just to be sure it will be comfortable getting me from airport to train station to small European village with cobblestone streets.

And yes, I plan on taking only a backpack which will make things much more convenient. No, I won’t be the middle aged woman carrying a 9 piece set of LV luggage (or rather, having someone carry it for me). I may even end up in a hostel or two although my teenagers don’t think I’m up for it. We’ll see.

As I’m purchasing a few items I thinking of these features:

Convenience, security, comfort, and style

Style is last on the list and that’s pretty normal for me. I don’t want to look like a schlep, mind you, but at the same time this trip is for what I’m seeing THROUGH my own eyes, not what other people are seeing when they look at ME through THEIRS. And by the way, wouldn’t that be a lovely way to live life anyway?

So, Fellow Adventurers, what’s that one piece of travel gear you can’t live without?? Please comment below! Now that I’ve purchased my bag, I’m seriously on the lookout for shoes so if you have a pair of those you love, link away in the comment section.

Travel dreaming is so fun!

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