Maybe My Last Blog Post

I’m going to make this as “concise and precise” as possible, and if you’re a regular reader of the blog you know what a struggle that is for me.

The last couple of weeks I have been mostly off social media. I was feeling the tug back to a more private life and sort of tried it on for size, only checking ALL THE THINGS once or maybe twice a day and blissfully just living . . . not worrying about how my living would affect the blog, or what pictures I could post, or how I was being perceived by others.

And you know something? It’s been lovely. I have felt true peace and a real sense of self that’s been missing. So, Dear Ones, I am taking my leave . . . from the social media life. The one exception will be instagram because I do love seeing all the amazing pictures there. But the rest of it – twitter, FB … .we’re breaking up.

After 6 years of writing here, the blog, too, will be on hiatus. I’ll leave the URL active for now because it is a blogger’s prerogative to change her mind. If you’d like to reach me to chat, to write something, or just to check on me you are welcome to do so via email at

Blessings on all of you and your families! This space has been a wonderful outlet for me and although I will always be a writer, for now, I am taking off the title of “blogger” to pursue a real life with real things and real people.


2 thoughts on “Maybe My Last Blog Post

  1. Sherri Sharp says:

    I will miss you my friend! I don’t use instragram much but sam does. But I don’t use FB the much either, ha!! You are such a brilliant writer I hope you don’t give it up for good, maybe a book one day?? Love you! 😘😘

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